Sunday, August 31, 2008

Eesa and Montreal, Je ne sais quoi……

by Agatha
Aug 29, 2008

Good afternoon and welcome aboard. Please pursue the itinerary that's been neatly inserted into your seatback pocket. This will prove to be a most excellent adventure. More exciting than Celine Dion. 

Co-ordinates: 32 degrees Je me Souviens, 98.6 degrees poutine
Vehicle: Cleary mobile fully equipped with 15 check engine lights
Cabin Crew: Agatha, Jules, and Laura 
Stops: Dofin ranch, Axis Boutique, Max smoke show, Seb brewski
Dieco: check

We were so excited when the Mr. Yan Dofin pulled up to the park we were frolicking in. He joined us in the jaunt and boy is he a good skipper.

Yan naturally took us back to his place where we enjoyed his professionally landscaped lawn. He got a hair cut this summer but unlike the folkloric Sampson, Yan is still all man baby.

After bidding a teary goodbye to Yan we visited our friend Xavier at Axis.

In the short time we were at Axis, Xavier managed to settle a hostage situation, bake fresh muffins, learn Russian and trim his nose hairs. This guy does everything including graphic and product design for Axis' private label and being a ridiculously nice guy. But maybe everyone sounds nice in French. Je ne don't know pas.

Axis and eesa made out at a party last year and contrary to popular belief, garments can be conceived with even just a kiss. So this fall we're having an Axis/eesa co-branded rugby. It's only available at Axis Boutique shops and its tres lux.

After Xavier brought us to the moon and back (he can do anything, remember), we visited Max in a not-so-dark alley for a "show." Now when he said "show" I was expecting costumes, or puppets, or something theatrical. But to my pleasant surprise it was a smoke show.

Don't worry, Max wears a helmet when on the road. It's provincial law.
Full of smoke show adrenaline, we met our Quebec sales rep Seb in the Labyrinth of Montreal. Sadly Bryan Adams was not in the middle of the Labyrinth. Seb escorted us through the city to a quaint bistro where we talked serious business, politics and quantum physics.
As we drove home from the trip, reminiscing about our picture perfect day, we made sure to restore Cleary's car to its original condition, full of gas and good spirits. Oh God, I hope he never finds out that none of us have valid licenses.

Shred on,

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