Thursday, October 16, 2008

That's It, That's All...... That's just straight up amazing


On October 15th "That's It, That's All" premiered at Higher Ground in Burlington. Tons of people crowded in to what seemed to be a full house to see the this movie by Travis Rice and director Curt Morgan. Within the first five minutes of the movie I knew that it was going to be like nothing I have ever seen before. The camera angles were ridiculous. They had helicopters, filming helicopters, filming snowboarders. It was an extremely well made movie. As someone put it, "It was like watching a movie..... but with snowboarding in it." And of course the riding was amazing as well. From 30 foot high tree bonks, to Travis pulling a triple cork, to Pat Moore riding a snowmobile across a lake, it was hard not to be entertained. While Travis is pushing the sport, Curt is pushing the way snowboard movies are made. If you haven't seen it yet, get your hands on it as soon as possible. It will blow your mind. 

Curt Morgan, the guy behind it all


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