Monday, November 10, 2008

Burlington Bike Polo


So I was asked by a friend, Liam Griffin, to come shoot one of his bike polo games that he plays on a regular basis. I figured why not, it could be interesting. I'm glad I ended up going down and taking some photos for them, it was actually pretty entertaining and made for some decent photos. These guys and girls get together as often as they can and play bike polo in Burlington on the waterfront roller rink. They ride their fixies and even unicycles and play... well... polo. I don't know if you have ever rode a fixed gear bike, but it is pretty impressive what this crew pulled off. I wouldn't want to fight for a ball, stick in one hand, handlebars in the other, on a bike without brakes. Maybe I'll get the courage to try it out some day, but for now I'll just sit back, watch, and shoot a few photos. Check out the rest of my pictures HERE








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