Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dew Tour Day Three

Whoever controls the weather must like snowboarding superpipe because on Sunday, the last day of the Dew Tour, the weather was finally sunny and for the most part, warm. It was finals for the men and women and they definitely put on a good show. Top qualifier Hannah Teeter was having a tough day, slipping out on her second run and missing out at a spot on the podium. It became a battle between Gretchen Bleiler and Kelly Clark for that top spot. Kelly had some huge airs in her run, but Bleiler ended up taking first based on technicality with her crippler.

Scotty Lago held it down for the men for a majority of the competition. He was first to drop and had a solid run getting him a score of 90. His score held up for the entire competition until the final two competitors which happened to be Danny Davis and Shaun White. Danny incorporated some creativity into his run, trying stuff he hadn't tried in competition. The judges seemed to like his creativity, giving him a score of 94. But next up was Shaun. He had a solid run, like he normally does. His run was impressive, but it was stock for Shaun.... the judges only gave him a score of 93. After the competition there were mumblings of who should have won. But I was stoked for Danny to see him come out on top at one of the first major competitions of the season after a season of being injured. 

Hannah Teeter hiking the pipe

Kelly Clark boosting

Hannah still putting on a show with a wall slash after she slipped out

Elijah Teeter making a switch method look easy.

18-year-old Greg Bretz, the youngest competitor in the finals, after he hit the deck
The Dingo doing a little advertising

Greg Bretz right back in the pipe after his horrible crash

Antti Autti trying to get a rise out of the crowd after his crash.

Danny Davis livin easy, making it into that top spot.

Women's podium: Gretchen Bleiler, Kelly Clark, and Elena Hight

Men's Podium: Danny Davis, Shaun White, and Scotty Lago

For more info on the competition check out EXPN. Don't miss the Danny Davis Interview.


Blogger Entertainment and celebrity gallery said...

Gretchen killed it to make it Gold. She's the best. Very talented and down to earth person.

Gretchen Bleiler

February 22, 2009 at 1:15 AM  

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