Monday, December 8, 2008

Red Man and Method Man in BTV

Red Man and Method man decided to make an appearance in Burlington, Vermont on December 5th. I got a call the day of the show with someone asking me to shoot it for them, I couldn't say no to that. They played at Higher Ground and definitely entertained the crowd at the sold out show. There were about 5 opening acts including Lotus Entertainment's DJ ZJ. Mid way through Red and Method Man's appearance the fire alarm went off. Everyone had to evacuate the building. The fire department showed up and they determined someone in the crowd had pulled the alarm. After a while of standing outside in the snow everyone was allowed back inside and Red and Meth heated things back up. By the end of the show Red Man was jumping backwards off speakers into the crowd and Method Man was walking on people's hands. These guys put on a good show. 

ZJ warming things up

DJ Russell and DJ ZJ of Lotus Entertainment

The "Big Pooh" showing his stuff



Red Man

Method Man

Everyone standing outside after the fire alarm

Red and Method jumping into the crowd.  

To see more photos go here

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