Monday, December 28, 2009

Copper Crowds


I'm in Colorado right now for the holidays, so I had to get some riding in. The day after Christmas I rode Breckenridge, expecting it to be incredibly crowded seeing as it was the weekend after a holiday. But it was actually pretty mellow, hardly had to wait in the lift lines. On Monday I decided to ride Copper, expecting the crowds to be pretty tame.... but apparently everyone had the same idea.  At times I had to wait around a half hour, in the singles line no doubt. But I guess I can't complain, it was good to get some riding in.


Since I was running the singles line to try to cut down wait time I had to ride up the lift with randoms each time. I decided I wanted to take pictures of each group I rode up the lift with. Unfortunately I only managed to take two shots. Some of the people looked like they might try to break my camera if I asked to take their picture, so I decided against it. But these two groups were stoked to have their picture taken..... "Are we going to be on the internet?!"



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