Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Flying Hotdogs: Mascot Superpipe Comp


Personally, I think costumes can make any situation more interesting…. even halfpipe competitions where most of the riders can barely get above the lip. And on Saturday in Mammoth at the Roxy Chicken Jam, that is exactly what went down. For the past three years, as part of the Chicken Jam, Roxy has had this open competition where anyone, and I mean anyone can compete for a first place prize of $3k. It was entertaining to say the least. Since a lot of the riders were barely even airing out of the pipe I decided to take a different approach to how I shot it. Without boring you with too much detail,  I shot most of them so the snow is very over exposed, creating almost a completely white background for the costume wearing creatures to stand out against.  I wanted to do a series of shots that all looked pretty similar just showing the riders costumes… and then there are also some action shots at the end. To see the whole series check out the post on my Rad Collector Column.

I will be doing more posts from my weekend in Mammoth soon. But to check out general coverage/photo galleries. Check out the Quiksilver Blog.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

US Open 2010 Photos


Last week I made my way back to Vermont for the 28th Burton US Open. Temperatures reaching the 60s, good friends, and great riding made for an incredible week. It wasn't all fun and games for me though, I spent a majority of my time there hiking through the wet snow shooting photos... which I definitely can't complain about. I picked out some of my favorite shots for the post I did on my Rad Collector column... check it out here.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Shoot With Shem: Jake Burton


Last fall photographer Shem Roose got ahold of me about assisting him in a shoot with Jake Burton... the creator of this company. Canadian action sports magazine, SBC, was doing an interview with Jake at his house in Vermont so they asked Shem to get some shots of Jake around his property. I was honored that Shem asked me to come along to help out, Shem is an OG in the game, and it is always cool to see how other people work. He definitely came away with some great shots that day. For more details on the shoot check out Shem's blog. More of his photos from the day below.





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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

decent exposure: MIKE BASHER


The latest installment of my photographer interview series, "decent exposure", was with ex editor of Snowboard Mag, Mike Basher. This was a pretty in depth interview where we talked about everything from why he left his position at the magazine, to why he thinks Colorado sucks, the dilemma with photo pricing, and what his plans are for the future. You don't have to be a photographer to enjoy this interview. Check it out here on my Rad Collector Column.

In case you missed the previous interviews here they are:
Brendan McInerney
Oli Gagnon
Ben Birk

Monday, March 1, 2010

Blotto Photto


Back in 2008 my friend Blotto asked me to shoot this photo of him for an interview with European based Snowboard Magazine, Onboard. I'm not going to lie, being asked to shoot a photo of a photographer as established and someone I look up to as much as Blotto was a bit intimidating. I'm pretty sure that leading up to shooting this I was worried something would go terribly wrong... Did I double check my battery was charged? What if I left my memory card at home? But things went smooth, rolled up to Burlington airport (BTV), set up, shot a few photos, and that was that. Anyway, I bring it up now because he used it again in an interview with PetaPixel. Make sure you check the interview out here. And if you aren't already following Blotto's blog, you should. He keeps it updated constantly with high quality/interesting content.

The photo as it was used in the spread in Onboard Magazine

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decent exposure: BRENDAN MCINERNEY


I did my third installment of my photographer interview series, "decent exposure", with a friend of mine, Brendan McInerney. Check it out on my Rad Collector column here.

Also, here are the previous interviews if you missed those. 
Oli Gagnon
Ben Birk

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