Wednesday, October 28, 2009



My skin is stained multiple colors, I have bruises and cuts on my hands and arms, a few jammed fingers, and my contacts are dyed would think I would be bummed, but it was one of the best shows I have ever been to. I can't lie, I don't listen to Gwar's music, but I went to the show for the experience. Guys dressed in ridiculous costumes, playing metal, spraying what I think was food coloring all over the crowd, with a crazy mosh pit..... sounded like something I didn't want to miss. Here are some shots from the show.

Before & Afters








Ripping out his guts.... spraying stuff everywhere...


Obama came out for a second, but then they killed him... and yes, sprayed his "blood" everywhere


I got in there too...

This lady... a true Gwar fan


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Monday, October 26, 2009


Picture 14

I randomly shot some photo's of my mom's fiance doing some welding. A few turned out pretty cool.....

Picture 17

Picture 16

Picture 15

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Skeet Shooting


Went skeet shooting in my backyard today. I felt like I had to dress the part.... But maybe I got carried away.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Burton's Fall Bash

14_Gym Class Heroes

Snowboard Mag just posted my coverage from Burton's annual Fall Bash. Take a peek here.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Photo of the Week- Haircut


So a while back my friends (Gus and Keenan Cawley) wanted to shave their heads. In order to do so, they asked me to cut their hair short so it was easier to shave. It is hard to say no when someone is willingly putting their head of hair in your hands. We went through a series of styles, this is a shot of Gus at the "dutch helmet" stage. The brothers ended up liking the cuts I gave them so much that they backed out of shaving their heads. Maybe if this whole photography/graphic design thing doesn't work out for me I'll have a future in cutting hair.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Good Ol' Vermont

The lineup of tractors before they started the parade

I was informed that the 11th Annual Charlotte Tractor Parade was happening about two miles down the road from where I live in Vermont.... yeah, a tractor parade. This was something I could not miss. I didn't expect it too be a big ordeal, I thought it would be a few tractors going down the road with some of the people in town coming to check it out. Well I was very wrong, apparently tractors are a big deal in this neck of the woods. A rather large crowd gathered for the event. There was face painting, a petting zoo, apple cider, and of course tractors... lots of tractors. The procession went for about a quarter-mile but lasted quite a while, tractors don't move very fast. Things like this make me realize how awesome Vermont really is.

This guy was probably my favorite


The band in the parade marched right up to these people and gave them their own little show



Smokin his pipe


This dog wouldn't stop looking at me

So I was trying to be sneaky and take their picture, but when I went back through my photos I realized that pretty much all of them were looking directly at me. So much for being sneaky.



I had a hard time narrowing down my favorties.... there are a bunch more on here.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Photo of the Week

I have decided that at least once a week I'm going to pick out a photo from the archives to put up.

This first one is a shot I found going through tons of old family photos a while back. It is my dad... short shorts, high socks, shirtless, mustache, and a camera around his neck. (Dad- if you see this, please don't hate me). I'm not really sure what year this is from, but I'm pretty sure it was before I was born. I couldn't resist.


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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Matt & Kim in Burlington

Last night Matt & Kim put on an amazing show at Higher Ground in Burlington, VT. If you haven't heard of them, check them out. There is a video of one of my favorite songs by them at the end of the post. It is a two man show with Matt on the keyboard and vocals and Kim on the drums. They are Brooklyn based, but Matt grew up in Vermont and he definitely seemed to be happy to be in his home state. These two had enough energy to get a retirement home riled up, I don't think they stopped smiling the entire show. After they were done playing, Matt jumped into the audience, and of course was bombarded by tons of girls trying to get a hug. Both Matt and Kim stayed around to talk and sign autographs, a pleasant surprise you don't see too often. If they happen to be playing at a venue around you, I highly recommend going. Here are a few random shots from the night.






Matt giving out some hugs.

Tom with his screen printed poster

Lauren still dancing even after the show ended.

Kim signing some autographs.

Matt signing someone's Metro Card

The music video for their song "Daylight"

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Blog Revamp

So I have come to the conclusion that my blog has become pretty bland....I mean, I don't even know if I would follow it. Sure, every now and then I post some pictures, with a little write up, and some captions pointing out the obvious. What would make you want to look at my site rather than the millions of other blogs out there?

To do this I have to consider some of the top reasons people even use the internet.

Reason 1- Porn

Ok, yeah, I said it.... you know you are guilty. Well I am not about to go posting racy pictures of myself up on the internet. So I guess here is the next best thing...cleanly shaved....

Or for those of you who like them hairy....

Still not satisfied?... maybe this Diesel commercial will do it for you.

Reason 2- YouTube

You can find anything on youtube these days. From Leprechauns in Alabama , to a cat playing a keyboard, or miniture dancing people.

Let's be honest here, I don't have pets with amazing talents, mythical creatures running around that I can document, or mini people that can dance.... so I guess I can't really compete with youtube.

Reason 3- Stalking People

Twitter...I can't lie, I have a twitter account, but I guess I haven't really caught on. I can see the appeal to companies and whatnot, it is a good marketing tool. But I don't really need to know that snuggling is your favorite activity, or that you had a tuna fish sandwich for lunch today. Maybe I am missing something, but I if you really want to know what I had for lunch, just ask me.

So a lot of people like nudity, watching people do stupid stuff, and knowing everything about everyone's life. Well, I can't really promise you all of those things.... but we'll see what happens from here on out. Maybe things are fine just the way they are.

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Tobin Yelland @ JDK

On Oct. 2nd JDK hosted a show of artist Tobin Yelland. The show featured, some of his photography, some Antihero skate decks, a video, as well as a few Antihero ads. Definitely great to see some work from one of the legends of skateboard photography. Downstairs JDK's mini ramp was packed with skaters and the night ended with an awesome performance by the band Rough Francis. To see more of my shots from the show check out BNQT.

Rough Francis

Bess checking out some of Tobin's work

Antihero Skate Decks


JDK's mini ramp downstairs

Rough Francis

Rough Francis

The crowd got pretty into it, a mini mosh pit eventually started going.

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