Friday, April 30, 2010

cityLife: Interview


Canada based fashion/lifestyle blog cityLife recently asked me to do a quick interview with them for their site. They asked me about things like Crocs... projects I'm currently working on.. and some California based brands that I am into. I told them they could pull whatever picture of me that they wanted off my Facebook page.... of course they choose the most unflattering shot that I have. Awesome.

Check out the interview here.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Photo Shoot: Col d’ Lizard


So my mom has this company, Col d' Lizard (pronounced in some fancy French way... but I just call it Cold Lizard). It's an outdoor apparel company...things for biking, hiking, and all that other outdoorsy stuff. Instead of "Made in China" it is made in my garage, well barn rather..... she makes all the stuff herself back home in Vermont. If you click on the link above... her site obviously needs some work. So I agreed to come out to Vermont and do a shoot for her and help redesign her whole website.

Check out some more of the shots on my Rad Collector Column.

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You Have Got to be Kidding: Bikini Jeans


Tired of trying to find the pant with the perfect sag so you can show off your g-string and lower back tattoo?! Well the search is OVER! The high class folks over at Sanna's Brazil Fashion, have built the thong right into the jean! Making a perfect accessory to your belly shirt and high heels.

Check out more shots of these amazing jeans on my Rad Collector Column.

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Utah Mission

Mikey and Andy....happy to be riding powder.

Some of the worst choices I've made in life have been impulsive...ordering a philly cheese steak sandwich at a sushi joint, dying my hair pink before a family gathering, getting behind the wheel when I knew I was too tired... the list goes on. But buying a ticket to Salt Lake City, Utah the day before I flew out was one of the better decisions I have made. Mikey LeBlanc hit me up the day before he was leaving for Utah telling me that it just dumped out there and that I should definitely come out. Seeing as I've never ridden Utah, hadn't been able to ride powder yet this season, and was an opportunity to ride with Mikey, Andy Wright, and friends....I couldn't pass it up.

Last run of the day we took a hike to the top to take some untracked turns. Best powder I think I have ever ridden,

Brighton was the mountain of choice... less crowds, more fun.
Mikey at the top

Awesome to see Andy Wright on the mountain.

MolcaSalsa... if you have been, then you know. If you have not, you're missing out.

Random trip to the thrift store

Mikey found these glasses

Flattering?... not so much. Amazing?.... definitely.


Gertrude, a little old lady I found shopping around

Bowling with some of the Videograss crew


Louif and Bilocq



Mikey and his dog Ruby



Andy has one big cat.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Drive to Mammoth


A week or two ago I made my way up through the hills, deserts, and mountains to catch the Roxy Chicken Jam and Quiksilver Cluck off up in Mammoth. Everyone I talked to said the six hour drive from Southern California to Mammoth Lakes sucked, but the wide open landscapes made it pretty interesting, for me at least. When I finally made it up to Mammoth, I was greeted by my friends decked out in sombreros, ran to the mountain, grabbed my credentials for the weekend, found the biggest hot dogs I have ever seen, cooked them, and went with some friends to skate the Volcom Brother’s Skatepark that was mostly covered in snow.

Go to my Rad Collector Column for the rest of to shots.
All the landscapes were shot while driving 80mph....

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Monday, April 5, 2010

decent exposure: AARON BLATT


The latest installment of my photographer interview series, Decent Exposure, was with up-and-comer Aaron Blatt. Check out what Blatt has to say on my Rad Collector column.

If you missed the previous interviews you can find them here-
Mike Basher
Brendan McInerney
Oli Gagnon
Ben Birk

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